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Đề thi IELTS 2022 | Kiểm tra trình độ miễn phí

Mẫu đề thi IELTS 2022 dùng để test trình độ của bạn, gồm 4 kỹ năng: nghe, nói, đọc, viết dành cho các bạn đang luyện thi IELTS. Tham khảo ngay nhé!

Trong đề thi IELTS 2022, đối với mỗi kỹ năng, bạn sẽ có thời gian giới hạn làm bài, để đảm bảo độ chính xác thì hãy làm trong thời gian quy định nhé. Sau khi làm xong, bạn có thể gửi bài về cho Efis English để được giảng viên chữa bài và tư vấn lộ trình luyện thi IELTS miễn phí.

  • Cách 1: làm bài, trả bài qua bình luận ở bên dưới hoặc để lại số điện thoại —> trung tâm sẽ liên hệ đến bạn
  • Cách 2: làm bài ra giấy, chụp gửi qua link; hoặc gửi file đính kèm qua link bên dưới

Đăng ký gửi bài tại đây !


(20 mins)

The following passage has 5 sections, a-e. Choose the correct heading for sections a-e from the list of numbered headings i-ix.

 List of headings

i     New families: beneficial or harmful?

ii    The government reaction

iii   The typical western family

iv    Political families

The disappearance of the traditional model

vi     Families: then and now

vii    The first criticisms of ‘family’

viii   The ‘happy family’ model

ix     The function of families

Section a. The family has often been regarded as the corner stone of society. In pre-modern and modern societies alike it has been seen as the most basic unit of social organization and one which carries out vital tasks, such as socializing children

Section b. Until the 1960s few sociologists questioned the importance or the benefits of family life. Most sociologists assumed that family life was evolving as modernity progressed, and that the changes involved made the family better suited to meeting the needs of society and of family members. A particular type of family, the nuclear family based around a two-generation household of parents and their children, was seen as well adapted to the demands of modern societies.

Section c. From the 1960s, an increasing number of critical thinkers began to question the assumption that the family was necessarily a beneficial institution. Feminists, Marxists and critical psychologists began to highlight what they saw as some of the negative effects and the ‘dark side’ of family life.

In the following decades the family was not just under attack from academic writers. Social changes also seemed to be undermining traditional families. Rising divorce rates, cohabitation before marriage, increasing numbers of single-parent families and single person households, and other trends all suggested that individuals were basing their Lives Less and Less around conventional families.

Section d. Some have seen these changes as a symptom of greater individualism within modern societies. They have welcomed what appears to be an increasing range of choice for individuals. People no longer have to base their lives around what may be outmoded and, for many, unsuitable conventional family structures. Others, however, have complained about the changes and worried about their effect on society. Such changes are seen as both a symptom and a cause of instability and insecurity in people’s Lives and in society as a whole. This view has been held by traditionalists who want a return to the ideal of the nuclear family. For them, many of society’s problems are a result of increased family instability.

Section e. Alongside these developments in society and sociology, family life has become a topic of political debate. Politicians have become somewhat more willing to comment on families. Sometimes they have devised policies to try to deal with perceived problems surrounding the family. In short, the family has come to be seen as more problematic than it was in the past. The controversies that have come to surround families and households are the subject of this chapter

Section a       _____________

Section b       _____________

Section c        _____________

Section d       _____________

Section e       _____________

Link tải bản word  tại đây



(You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.)

Write about the following topic:

 Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development while others think that it is important for children to go to school.

 Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 150 words.

Link tải bản word  tại đây



There are 2 parts to the test. You will hear each part once only.

There are 20 questions. Each question carries one mark.

For each part of the test, there will be time for you to look through the questions and time for you to check your answers.


Questions 1-5. Complete the notes below.


             Transport from Bayswater


Example                                  Answer

Destination                          Habour City


·       Express train leaves at 1. ___________________

·       Nearest station is 2. __________________

·       Number 706 bus goes to 3. _________________

·       Number 4. ________________ bus goes to station

·       Earlier bus leaves at 5. ____________________


Questions 6-10.Complete the table below.

Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


TransportCash fareCard fare
Bus6. $ __________$1.50
Train (peak)$10$10
Train (off-peak)

– before 5 pm or after 7. _____________ pm)

$108.$ _________
9. __________________ ferry$4.50$3.55
Tourist ferry (10. ______________________ )$35
Tourist ferry (whole day)$65


Questions 11-14. Which counselor should you see?

Write the correct letter, A, B or C, next to questions 11-14. 

       Louise Bagshaw

B         Tony Denby

C          Naomi Flynn

  1. If you do not have an appointment
  2. If it is your first time seeing a counselor
  3. If your concerns are related to anxiety
  4. If you are unable to see a counselor during normal office hours

Questions 15-20.  Complete the table below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

WorkshopContentTarget group
Adjustingwhat you need to succeed academically15. __________________ students
Getting Organiseduse time effectively, find            16. _________________ between study and leisureall students
Communicatingtalking with staff, communicating across culturesall students, especially             17. _________________
Anxiety18. ___________________ breathing techniques, meditation, etc.students about to sit exams
19. _______________staying on track for long periods20. ___________________ students only

Link tải bản word  tại đây



You will have to talk about the topic for 1-2 minutes.

You have 1 minute to think about what you are going to say.

You can make some notes to help you if you want.

Describe a movie actor from your country who is very popular.


You should say:

·       who this actor is

·       what kinds of movies he/she acts in

·       what you know about this actor’s life and explain why this actor is so popular.

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