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NGUYỄN THỊ THÚY QUỲNH SBD MHTT021 | Cuộc thi mùa hè trong tôi

Bài dự thi mùa hè trong tôi của bạn NGUYỄN THỊ THÚY QUỲNH SBD MHTT021 ! 
Khi nói về tuổi trẻ, bạn muốn mình có một tuổi trẻ như thế nào? Còn đối với Efis thì bạn nên sống hết mình, có ước mơ, hoài bão và dám thực hiện ước mơ đó. Nhân dịp một mùa hè nữa lại về, Efis khuấy động cuộc thi Mùa hè Trong Tôi, với mong muốn lan tỏa một tinh thần trẻ trung và sống hết mình. Sau đây là những chia sẻ của bạn NGUYỄN THỊ THÚY QUỲNH SBD MHTT021 về một mùa hè đáng nhớ của tuổi học trò!
cuộc thi mùa hè trong tôi



When I lonely sit on the bench in my university- Hanoi university to enjoy the fresh air at the beginning of summer, I realize that the first year in university student’s life goes by so quickly. Some images in the last summer come up in my mind by chance. They are images of Nguyen Du high school, the family A7, my friends which I had memories of a lot about…

My closest friends are Monkey, Pig. They are nicknames I attributed to Ngoc, Linh and they also symbolize their characters JJJJJ. Our friendship has lasted for 4 years and up to you now at we study ar different universities, each has her own life, new relationships, the path but we regularly keep in contact by texting and calling every day. We share everything: happiness, sadness, even craziness, sometimes give life philosophy to encourage each other :>’. Anyway, they are an important part of my life.

Family A7 called “ my second family” with 45 members and 1 mother is always in my heart. The last year, we burn the midnight oil, study day and night, face much stress and hardship to get through the national graduation examination. However, in that crucial stage, we lost one friend forever in an unexpected accident. In life, we don’t predict what will happen, something appear and disappear in a flash. Then, it leaves each of us speechless sorrowfully. Each has density, sometimes we have to accept it. We always miss each other. That is enough

In love, there is no true and wrong thing but I blame myself for being heartless and I don’t understand my feelings in love. And I want to say something to one person “ I’m really sorry”. After breaking up, I gradually build a barrier to get any boy else away from me. I prefer an independent life and feel more strong

The summer of that year was filled up with laughter and tears and this is an unforgettable summer in my life…
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