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Bài dự thi mùa hè trong tôi của bạn TRẦN THỊ HÀ SBD MHTT018 !
Khi nói về tuổi trẻ, bạn muốn mình có một tuổi trẻ như thế nào? Còn đối với Efis thì bạn nên sống hết mình, có ước mơ, hoài bão và dám thực hiện ước mơ đó. Nhân dịp một mùa hè nữa lại về, Efis khuấy động cuộc thi Mùa hè Trong Tôi, với mong muốn lan tỏa một tinh thần trẻ trung và sống hết mình. Vậy mùa hè của bạn TRẦN THỊ HÀ SBD MHTT018 thì sao?
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Summer is coming, and I really really love it. In my class, many of my classmates planned their summer vacation, like joining a volunteer team; traveling far away with family; becoming tutors to earn money; going home to relax…

First of all, I have to say, everyone has their own intentions, and the following are just some suggestions for a happy and meaningful summer! Let’s start.

1. Planning a trip.

?Tourism is a very popular way that many students choose to enjoy their summer. Apart from the purpose of reducing the pressure of the past school year, tourism is a great opportunity for us to come to new places as well as to have good memories with friends and relatives. … Or enjoy alone.

?There are many tourist destinations, people with good financial conditions can bring suitcases right away, to other cities or other countries to observe the beauty spots.

?However, for those of you who may not have good financial conditions, you should plan your schedule and save your budget 3 to 4 months in advance. Like me, I have some plans this summer, and I have prepared them since January

2. Taking part in skill classes.

?Summer vacation is the ideal time to make up for what is missing at school and taking skill classes is not a bad idea.

?You can take a class in informatics, music, drawing, cooking, as long as you like it.

3. Getting a job

?For those who can’t travel “monumental”, extra jobs are a great option this summer. Not only do you have a small amount of money after the summer, but you also get more experience, meet new friends, expand relationships and not waste the summer. First, consider the work related to your field of study and your interests, the common tasks such as waiters, tutors, salesclerk, …

?You can work full-time or you can work part-time and spend the rest of your time studying English or taking a course above.

4. Taking a summer volunteer trip

?Becoming a summer volunteer is one of the good things we can do during our student days. Instead of wasting time playing games or wandering with friends, we can join the Green Summer campaign at school or join charities. That way, we can become young volunteers to help those in need.

?Last summer I also had a two-week volunteer trip in Bac Giang with the volunteer team I attended at school. It was really a beautiful memory, I went with good friends, helped people, taught and met lovely children.

5. Learning English (or another new language)

?You have a lot of time on summer vacation, right? So why don’t we use it to improve English or learn a language you like? You know, English is an important factor for us, not only to learn, communicate talk with people all over the world but also to score in our CV later.

You can take an English course for several months at an English center, study online or even go to Hoan Kiem Lake to learn English.

?Or you can find out about courses at Hanoi Free Private TOUR GUIDE, especially the tour guide course here that you can both practice English and cultural exchange with foreign friends.

I also plan to improve my English this summer, I especially care and love the tour guide course here. It is a great motivation for me to make this video.

?How about you? If your English is good, why don’t you try to learn Japanese, Korean or French?

We have gone through 5 suggestions to “rescue” this summer. Many friends consider doing what this summer to make time pass. Therefore, it is best to start working immediately. Whether it’s traveling tour or a job, learning to cook or trying a new sport – equally interesting, as long as you act now for a great summer experience!

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me. Please comment below to share your plan for this summer. And don’t forget to like, share if you guys like this post! Love you guys!


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