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Để giúp các bạn luyện IELTS Listening thành công, Efis English cung cấp một chuỗi bài luyện nghe với các chủ đề khác nhau, dưới đây là chủ đề Holiday Rentals. Hãy tập trung và cố gắng làm bài sau khi nghe một lần thôi nhé.

IELTS Listening chủ đề Hoiday Rentals

Luyện IELTS Listening cùng Efis English


Question 1-10

Complete the table below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


Dates:  10th-22ndJuly

Name of PropertyLocationFeaturesDisadvantage(s)Booking details
• rural

• surrounded by 

• apartment

• two bedrooms

• open plan

distance from www..com
Kingfisher• rural

• next to the 

• nice views

• house

• three bedrooms

•  room

• living room

• kitchen

expensive?Phone the owner (01752669218)
Sunnybanks• in a village

• next to the 

• house

• has private 

no Contact the 10 

Answer Table

1. Moonfleet6. dining
2. fields7. sea
3. shops8. garden
4. summerhouses9. parking
5. river10. agent


You will hear a man called Ken talking on the phone to a friend called Liz about holiday accommodation.

Liz: Hello?

Ken: Hi Liz, it’s Ken here.

Liz: Hi Ken! Nice to hear from you! Are you …

Ken: This is just a quick call, but Mary and I have just been talking about our summer holiday – we haven’t booked a place yet and we’ve left it a bit late. We were just wondering if you know of any holiday rentals in your area – it’s so nice there.

Liz: Well yes, I can think of two or three places that are very nice – what dates have you got in mind?

Ken: The 10th of July to the 22nd of July.

Liz: Oh yes, that is quite soon isn’t it? Well there’s a place near here called Moonfleet

Ken: Is that M-double O- N-F-L-double E- T?

Liz: That’s right. It’s quite a rural location, and it’s next to the owner’s house, but it’s got fields all around it, so it’s very pretty.

Ken: Mm. Sounds OK. Can you tell me a bit more about it?

Liz: Well it’s an annexe to the owner’s house, and it’s an apartment with two bedrooms, and an open-plan living area.

Ken: Well I like the sound of it. Is there anything we might not like about it?

Liz: Well it’s quite a distance from the nearest shops, that’s all …

Ken: OK. And … well, I’ll tell Mary but I don’t think she’d mind that. Do you know how you book it?

Liz: You have to book on the internet. There’s a web address – it’s www.summerhouses

Ken: One word?

Liz: Yes … Then dot com. You’ll be able to look at a photograph on that.

Ken: OK . And what about the others? Where are they?

Liz: The second one I’m thinking of is called Kingfisher, and that’s even more rural. It’s a really beautiful location in fact, it’s by the river, and it’s got nice views – it overlooks woodland on the other side.

Ken: Is that an apartment?

Liz: No, it’s a three-bedroomed house. And that’s got a dining room as well as a separate living room and a kitchen. But I expect it’s more expensive. You’ll have to check the prices.

Ken: Mm. It’s probably a bit bigger than we need, but our nephew might be joining us, we’re not sure yet. How do you book Kingfisher?

Liz: You have to phone the owner directly. Shall I give you the number? I’ve got it here in my phone book … It’s oh one seven five two, double six nine, two one eight.

Ken: Right …

Ken: And you mentioned a third place?

Liz: Yes, there’s a house that my sister stayed in last year – it’s called Sunnybanks.

Ken: Nice name.

Liz: And the location of that one is rather different … It’s in the centre of a village, but it’s a very small and quaint place.

Ken: Did your sister like it?

Liz: Oh yes, it’s by the sea so her children really loved it …

Ken: What’s the accommodation like?

Liz: I’m not sure about the number of rooms because I haven’t been in it myself, but I think she said it’s quite spacious … And I know it’s got its own garden. It’s not very big, but it’s not shared with anyone else, and it’s supposed to be very pretty.

Ken: Any snags? Problems?

Liz: The only other thing I can think of is that there’s nowhere for parking. The streets are too narrow. So you have to leave your car somewhere else and then walk to the house – it’s only about ten minutes away, but …

Ken: OK. Well … I don’t think it matters personally. How do you book it?

Liz: There’s an agent you have to contact. I don’t know his details, but I can ask my sister and let you know tomorrow.

Ken: Thanks Liz, that’d be great. I’ll talk to Mary and see what she says. Thanks for your help.

Liz: That’s OK Ken, I’ll speak to you again tomorrow. I hope you find what you’re looking for …

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