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Luyện đề IELTS Listening

Luyện đề IELTS Listening: Chủ đề – Health club customer research

Questions 1-10 

Complete the form below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Name:Selina Thompson
Age group:
Type of membership:
Length of membership: years
Why joined:Recommended by a 
Visits to club per month:Eight (on an average)
Facility used most:
Facility not used (If any):Tennis courts

(because reluctant to )

Suggestions for improvements:Have more 
Install  in the gym.
Open 10  later at weekends.

Answer Table

1. accountant6. pool
2. over 507. pay
3. family8. social events
4. 9/nine9. air conditioning
5. doctor10. restaurant

Audio Transcription

Man:            Oh, excuse me, I wonder if you’d have the time to take part in some market research?

Woman:     Umm … What’s it about?

Man:            About this club and your experiences and opinions about being a member. It’ll take less than five minutes.

Woman:     Oh … OK then … as long as it’s quick.

Man:            Can I start by taking your name?

Woman:     It’s Selina Thompson.

Man:            Is that T-H-O-M-P-S-O-N?

Woman:     Yes.

Man:            Great, thanks … And what do you do for a living?

Woman:     Well, I’m an accountant but I’m between jobs at the moment.

Man:            I understand, but that’s the job I’ll put down on the form. And would you mind my asking which age group you fall into? Below thirty, thirty-one to fifty and above.

Woman:     Over fifty … I think we can safely say.

Man:            Great, thanks. And which type of membership do you have?

Woman:     Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean? Do you mean how long … ?

Man:            No, is it a single person membership … ?

Woman:     Oh right … no, it’s a family membership.

Man:            Thanks and how long have you been a member?

Woman:     Oh … let me see … I was certainly here five years ago … and it was probably two to three years more than that …

Man:            Shall I put down eight?

Woman:     I remember now … it’s nine … definitely … sorry.

Man:            No problem … I’ve got that. And the last question in this first part is, what brought you to the club?

Woman:     Sorry … ?

Man:            How did you find out about the club? Did you see any ads?

Woman:      Well, I did actually but I have to say I wasn’t really attracted to the club because of that. It was through word of mouth.

Man:            So you were recommended by a friend?

Woman:      Actually my doctor … I’d been suffering from high blood pressure and he said the club was very supportive of people with that condition, so I signed up.

Man:            Great … thanks.

Now for the second part of the form I want to ask a bit more about your experience of the club.

Woman:     Sure.

Man:            How often would you say you use the club … ?

Woman:     It varies enormously depending on how busy I am.

Man:            Of course … but on average … per month?

Woman:     I’d say it averages out at twice a week.

Man:            OK, so eight on average.

Woman:     Yeah. And four of those are aqua-aerobics classes.

Man:            That leads me to the next question … would you say the swimming pool is the facility you make most use of?

Woman:     Fair to say that … yeah.

Man:            Right, thanks … And are there any facilities you don’t use?

Woman:     One area I realise I’ve never used is the tennis courts … and there’s one simple reason for that …

Man:            You don’t play tennis?

Woman:     Actually, I’m not bad at it … it’s that I’m not happy having to pay extra … for that privilege.

Man:            I’ve made a note of that … thanks. Now in the last section are there any suggestions or recommendations you have for improvements to the club?

Woman:     Only about health and fitness?

Man:            Anything at all …

Woman:     Well, I’d like to see more social events … it isn’t just a question of getting together for games or classes but other things, you know.

Man:            Yes, sure.

Woman:     And another thing that I was thinking when I had my yoga class in the gym last night – we were all sweltering in the heat – was that I think they should put in … you know … air conditioning.

That’s exactly what I mean. The rooms are really light and well designed but they do need proper installations.

Man:            Sure … well I’ve made a note of that …

Woman:     Good.

Man:            … so is there anything else you’d like to suggest … about quality of service, for example?

Woman:     Oh, everyone’s very nice here … they couldn’t be more friendly and helpful … oh but I tell you what … it’s a shame the restaurant isn’t open in the evening on Saturday … and Sunday as well for that matter.

Man:            So … the club should …

Woman:     … open it later on those days.

Man:            OK . well thank you very much, that’s all the questions.

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