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Efis English giúp bạn luyện nghe với mẫu bài IELTS Listening với chủ đề Custumer Order. Gồm bài tập kèm theo, đáp án và phần transcript giúp bạn tự kiểm tra dễ dàng.

Ví dụ mẫu IELTS Listening

Mẫu bài IELTS Listening: Chủ đề Custumer Order

Questions 1-6 

Complete the form below.



ORDER PLACED BY:            John Carter

ACCOUNT NUMBER  1 __________________

COMPANY NAME      2 __________________


Size        A4 normal

Colour     3 __________________

Quantity  4 __________________

Photocopy paper

Colour     5 __________________

Quantity  6 __________________

Questions 7-9

List THREE additional things that the man requests.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.   

7 __________________

8 __________________

9 __________________

Questions 10 

Complete the notes.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for your answer.

Special instructions: Deliver goods 10  __________________

Answer Table

1. 6924116. 10 packs/10 packets
2. Rainbow Communications7. (coloured) floppy disks/computer disks/discs/disks
3. white8. (a/one) wall calendar
4. two/2 boxes9. (a/new) catalogue
5. light blue10. before 11.30/not after 11.30/by 11.30

Audio Transcription

Recorded voice: Thank you for calling Millenium Office Supplies. If you would like to place an order, please press one. Your call has been placed in a queue. A customer service operator will be with you shortly.

Woman:    Gina speaking. How can I help you?

Man:     Oh, hello – I’d like to order some stationery, please.

Woman:    And who am I speaking to?

Man:     John Carter.

Woman:    Right – can I just confirm your account number and the name of your company, John?

Man:     Sure! The account number is 6 9 2 4 double 1

Woman:    Six nine two four one one. Right, and you’re from ‘Rainbow Computers?’

Man:     No. The company is Rainbow Communications

Woman:    Oh, OK, I’ll just fix that on the system … communications. And what would you like to order, John?

Man:     Envelopes. We need a box of A4 – that is, normal size envelopes

Woman:    White, yellow or vanilla?

Man:     We’ll have the plain white please – but the ones with the little windows

Woman:    OK … One box – A4 – white – just the one box, was it?

Man:     Urn, on second thoughts make that two boxes. We go through heaps of envelopes. As a matter of interest. Are they made from recycled paper?

Woman:    No. You can’t get white recycled paper. The recycled ones are grey and they’re more expensive actually.

Man:     Right – we’ll stick to white then.

Woman:    Something else, John?

Man:     Yes, we need some coloured photocopy paper. What colours do you have?

Woman:    We’ve got purple, light blue, blue, light green – whatever you want, pretty much. There are 500 sheets to the pack.

Man:     Let’s see … we’re going to need a lot of blue paper for our new price lists so can you give us ten packs, please. Make sure it’s the light blue though …

Woman:    Ten packs of the light blue. Anything else that we can help you with?

Man:     Let me think … what else do we need? I’m sure there was something else.

Woman:    Pens, paper clips, fax paper, computer supplies, office furniture?

Man:     Oh, yes! We need floppy disks – do you have those nice coloured ones?

Woman:    Yes, but they’re a bit more expensive than the black ones.

Man:     That’s alright. I’m not paying, anyway!

Woman:    Right. Floppy disks. And what about diaries for next year? We’ve got them in stock already and it’s a good idea to order early.

Man:     No – I think we’re alright for diaries but something we do need is one of those big wall calendars – you know, one that shows the whole year at a glance. Do you stock those?

Woman:    We certainly do.

Man:     OK – can you include a wall calendar then, with the other stuff. Just make sure it’s got the whole year on the one side.

Woman:    Sure – and do you have a copy of our new catalogue?

Man:     No, I don’t, but could you send one.

Woman:    Yes! I’ll pop one in with the order. You’ll find it a lot easier to remember what you need if you have our catalogue in front of you next time.

Man:     Yes, good idea. And when can you deliver this?

Woman:    Should be with you tomorrow morning.

Man:     Can you make sure that it’s not after 11.30am because I have to go out at 12 there’s only myself here on Fridays.

Woman:    Fine – I’ll make a note on the delivery docket that they should deliver before half past eleven. Thanks very much.

Man:     Thanks.

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