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Đề thi thử IELTS miễn phí năm 2022 | Kiểm tra trình độ

Đề thi thử IELTS mẫu mới nhất năm 2022 do Efis English tổng hợp. Mẫu đề gồm 4 kỹ năng: nghe, nói, đọc, viết. Kiểm tra ngay để biết trình độ hiện tại của bạn.

Trong đề thi thử IELTS 2022, đối với mỗi kỹ năng, bạn sẽ có thời gian giới hạn làm bài, để đảm bảo độ chính xác thì hãy làm trong thời gian quy định nhé. Sau khi làm xong, bạn có thể gửi bài về cho Efis English để được giảng viên chữa bài và tư vấn lộ trình luyện thi IELTS miễn phí.

  • Cách 1: làm bài, trả bài qua bình luận ở bên dưới hoặc để lại số điện thoại —> trung tâm sẽ liên hệ đến bạn
  • Cách 2: làm bài ra giấy, chụp gửi qua link; hoặc gửi file đính kèm qua link bên dưới

Đăng ký gửi bài tại đây !


The following passage has seven paragraphs, labelled A-G. Which paragraphs mention the following information? You do not need to mention all the paragraphs.

1. The relationship between local environment and behavior ________
2. The benefits of asking around  _________
3. Becoming an organizer  _________
4. Partnerships against crime  __________
5. Problems which are not really problems  __________
6. Aspects of neighbourhood research  ___________


When you are interested in buying a house, it’s easy to check the location and specifications of the house, but how can you assess an area’s community spirit – not just if the neighbours are friendly, but whether people will get involved in helping to deliver public services, setting up social enterprises and tackling local issues? Here are some tips for finding out what an area’s community spirit is like.

If an estate agent shows you around, ask for the vendor’s phone number. “Meeting the seller is an opportunity to find out what an area is like”, says Chris Gittins, manager of Streets Alive (streetalive.org.ukl) which works with residents, councils and voluntary groups to build communities by hosting events and activities in streets. It is also worth trying to meet the neighbours to find out more about an area. If you don’t find anyone near home, or don’t get a clear response, talk to people in the pub or the corner shop.

Living Streets (livingstreets.org.uk), which promotes safe, active and enjoyable streets, says steer clear of heavy traffic. Its research shows that people living on busy streets shield themselves from noise, don’t go outside and restrict their children’s independence – all of which reduces interaction with neighbours. And although an open space may seem like an asset, it can also become a source of conflict, says Dominic Church, senior adviser at the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. “If they are not kept clear and nobody is clearly responsible for the maintenance, they can become breeding grounds for graffiti, antisocial behaviour and kids mucking about”, he says.

Local police can tell you whether there is a Neighbourhood (or Home) scheme in your area (mynhw.co.ukl). Living in an area with a scheme doesn’t just reduce your insurance premiums and ensure that the police tackle local issues such as theft, research shows that even when neighbours have nothing in common they share a desire to create a safe area and create a community spirit. If there isn’t a scheme, find out why.

Councils have lists of local voluntary organisations that can help to reveal the interests and activities of local communities. Some councils also run award schemes, which may include prizes for active and inspirational groups. Search the web, use social media and post queries on forums to find out residents’ views. This may give you more varied and up-to-date information than the council. Look at newschoolnetwork.org to see if there are any plans to set up a new free school in the area. This is a sign of socially engaged parents and community motivation.

Floods, high crime levels and other issues can give neighbourhood a bad image, but they can boost community spirit. In my case, the floods of 2007 brought people together to tackle climate change, which led to a low-carbon group that this year won national competitions worth more than £800,000. The Crime Mapper website (maps.police.ukl) provides information on crime and antisocial behaviour by area and police force. You can search by five types of crime and get details of your local neighbourhood policing team, its contacts, and the next “Have Your Say” meeting.

If you are confident about the house, you could go ahead with the purchase and hold a street party to boost community spirit. “People have just moved into a house are critical to setting up street parties”, Gittins says. “After two or three years it becomes harder – they meet neighbours, get set in their routines, and feel less motivated”.

Source: Collins. Reading for IELTS

Link tải bản word  tại đây



(You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.)

Write about the following topic:

 These days many people prefer online shopping to traditional shopping.

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 150 words.

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3. Đề thi thử IELTS 2022: IELTS LISTENING

There are 2 parts to the test. You will hear each part once only.

There are 20 questions. Each question carries one mark.

For each part of the test, there will be time for you to look through the questions and time for you to check your answers.



Questions 1-6. Complete the form below.


 Application Form for use of Library Internet Service

              Example                                                 Answer

Existing cardholder                              Yes

Family name:                                       Milton

First names:                                          1. __________________ Jayne

Address:                                                2. __________________

35 Maximilian Way, Whitfield

Post Code:                                            3. __________________

Occupation:                                          Nurse

( works the 4. _________________)

Home phone :                                      N/A

Mobile :                                                0412  214  418

Type of ID :                                           5. ____________________

ID number:                                           AZ   1985331

Date of Birth:                                       25th  6. ________________


Questions 7 and 8. Choose TWO letters, A-E.

 What will the woman use the internet for?

A      trade and exchange

B      research

C      email

D      social networking

E       job vacancies

Questions 9 and 10. Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

 9. How much does it cost to register as an internet user?


10. What is the maximum amount of time allowed per single daily internet session?




Questions 11-15. Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

11. The guided bushwalk is suitable for

            A     adults only

            B     children over 12 and adults

            C     children over 8 accompanied by a parent

12. On the bird observation outing, it is recommended that you have

 A     waterproof footwear

            B     a bird identification book

C     binoculars

13. For the trip to the sand dunes, a company will donate

A     water

 B     tools

C     gloves

14. The bush tucker excursion will cost (per person)

A     $15

B     $12

 C     $7

15. The deadline to register for the bush tucker outing is

 A    25 November

B    15 November

 C    10 November

 .Questions 16-20. Complete the table below.


Bush walkGlenn Ford16. _____________Springvale17.______- 1pm
Bird watchingJoy Black,  club


10 SeptemberCamford4.30-6.30pm
Sand dunesRex  Rose26 November19.____________8.30-10.30am
Bush tuckerJim  Kerr, ranger3 DecemberCarson Hills10am-20.______

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You will have to talk about the topic for 1-2 minutes.

You have 1 minute to think about what you are going to say.

You can make some notes to help you if you want.

Describe a day when you thought the weather was perfect.

 You should say:

·       where you were on this day

·       what the weather was like on this day

·       what you did during the day and explain why you thought the weather was perfect on this day.


Để được kiểm tra trình độ speaking miễn phí trực tiếp với giảng viên, hãy đăng ký theo link dưới đây:


YouTube video


Đăng ký nộp bài tại đây !


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