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Free Walking Tour 1905 | Phương Thảo

Cùng bạn Phương Thảo, thành viên câu lạc bộ Hanoi Free Private Tour Guide chia sẻ về một ngày học tiếng Anh dẫn tour thông qua report Free Walking Tour 1905 của bạn ấy nhé !

Student’s report | Phương Thảo

Free walking tour 1905 | Dẫn Tour học tiếng Anh

free walking tour 1905 - phương thảo

Pick up: 22 Lo Su street

Time: 10am to 7pm May 19, 2023

Guest: 1 couple from Italy

Guide: Jane and Linh

Destination: Hoan Kiem Lake, pen tower, ceramic shop, big church, Hoa Lo prison, Temple of Literature, Thang Long imperial citadel, Tran Quoc pagoda, cathedral.

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Tai for teaching me the knowledge and the coordinators for helping me with this free walking tour 1905 . The first time we went to the hotel to meet the guests, I recommended a lot of places to visit, because they have one day in Ha Noi so we let them to the famous place. Our guest is an Italian newlywed couple, they are on their honeymoon the first destination is Hoan Kiem Lake.

We walked around the lake and talk more about the lake, the legend, the turtles, the Pen Tower, the Turtle Tower. We continued on to the church, and on the way we stopped at the ceramics shop on Truong Thi Street. they are surprised because all products are handmade and colorful.

On the way to the church, they saw a Catholic church and wanted to enter because they were catholic. Then they also visited a tailor shop, and a shop selling souvenirs and puppets in water puppetry. We went to the church but unfortunately, it wasn’t open so we could just walk around outside the church. we met a vicar and he said the church is open today at 2 pm and 6.30 pm. So we’ll be back there later.

We went to the prison but the guests seemed thirsty and we had a drink (1st time) at the pub near the prison. The wife ordered milk tea, me and Linh ordered coconut water and coconut milk coffee, so we quickly brought it out. but egg cafe for the man is so slow. Linh talked about Vietnamese songs and played it for them. take us to the prison.

We introduce them to the prison, the history of the Vietnam War, and how Vietnam defeated China, Japan, France, and America. My guests are very meticulous and ask quite carefully about the history of Vietnam. They were also outraged by the inhumanity of the French holding prisoners and were surprised that Vietnam could treat American prisoners so well. they said: American pilots all laugh. At the end of the prison, we walked to the Temple of Literature.

On the way, we stopped at Mixue on Nguyen Khuyen Street for a drink (2nd time). In the shop, we talk about vitamins and what is the difference between living in the countryside and in the city.

Our guests are very refined and polite. They often asked Linh if she was tired or hungry. We went to the Temple of Literature and introduced them to architecture and history. Legend of the carp turning into a dragon, honoring the ancestors. It was very sunny so everyone was quite tired. then we look for a restaurant to have lunch. and we recommend pho and dumplings.

While having lunch, we discuss the next place. they want to go to One Pillar Pagoda and Ho Chi Minh Museum but guests wear short shirts so I suggest they can choose the flagpole, military history museum, or imperial citadel. they chose the citadel.

Although it was a bit late, we were lucky enough to get inside. Some of the exhibitions were closed, but Linh and I introduced them to Vietnamese history, feudalism, the king’s adoration, the princess’s residence, and the royal children’s playground. they are very happy with the beautiful view at Doan Mon.
we called a grab car to Tran Quoc Pagoda. Luckily today is the 1st lunar month and the temple is open late so we went inside and saw the view inside the temple. They took quite a few pictures. Then we ate West Lake Ice Cream together. quite delicious and suitable for this hot period.

They were going to call a car back to the hotel but I remembered that it was time for the cathedral to open so we went to the cathedral. good luck while there is mass at the church. they came in and we were there listening to prayer for a few minutes. After going out we parted here. I have sent the addresses of delicious restaurants to them and hope they have a happy food tour. this tour is my longest tour 9 hours in a row but luckily we have nice, polite guests., are knowledgeable, and intelligent, but a bit difficult.

free walking tour 1905 - phương thảo (1)

Many questions: some questions I can remember now. ????

1. Who is the pen tower worshiping?

2. Who do temples and pagodas worship?

3. To whom do people pray? god or someone else?

4. who created the current Vietnamese word?

5. When did France start entering Vietnam?

6. In what year did France leave Vietnam?

7. Why did Japan colonize Vietnam?

8. How long did China colonize Vietnam?

9. Is this a Chinese character (Nom script)?

10. What did the French bring to Vietnam?

11. Are there still many French people living in Vietnam today?

12. Do the rich and the poor in Vietnam live in the same area?

13. Do you know how many Vietnamese are Catholic or Buddhist?

14. What religion do most Vietnamese people follow?

15. Why do people drink bamboo juice (sugar cane juice)

16. Vietnamese worship

17. Do you believe in Buddha?

18. Are the existing classrooms still available? (The first uni of VN)

19. Is the lunar year of Vietnam and China the same?

20. What age are you?

21. I am 48 years old, what age is the animal year?

22. When did China take over Vietnam?

23. King Ly Thai To of Vietnam or China?

24. What foods are good for the skin?

25. Which drink is good for the skin?

26. Vietnam has no king?

27. Where is the last king of Vietnam?

28. where are his children?

29. Is the military working in the imperial citadel now?

30. Does Ho Chi Minh work in the Imperial Citadel?

31. where is President Ho Chi Minh’s bunker?

32. What do people teach in the school of literature? engineer or doctor?



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