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Review lớp IELTS101 sau 3 tháng | Nhiều bạn đã đạt band 6.5

Khóa luyện thi IELTS tại Efis English là một khóa học mới, nhờ vào sự tin tưởng của các bạn học viên thông qua các chương trình học tiếng Anh dẫn TourTrải nghiệm ngôn ngữ, khóa IELTS tại Efis cũng được nhiều bạn tin tưởng lựa chọn. Vậy các bạn hiện đang nghĩ gì? Chúng ta cùng xem review lớp IELTS101 sau 3 tháng như thế nào nhé!

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More than a haft of the way has passed …

I appreciate the time we’re been had together, everything was perfect exactly what I wanted to, even more than that sometimes I could feel the pressure of this course but I love it. Cus I knew it hat to.

I have improved a lot of skills. The great thing is that Ms. Thao always checks our homework every day.

I really like what Ms. Thao take care of every homework and repair it after watching the video I made, I can see my improvement.

I find it quite good and effective. I think that I work on well with English skills and improve a lot.

Firstly, thank you so much Ms. Thao for your thoroughness during the first 3 months. I always appreciate your work from starting to now and from when the first time I met you, I low how natural you are. Yeah, it is true! About the quality of the course, it is excellent, from the teaching method to checking homework, how thorough! I can feel it. Thanks so much.

How helpful was the course in our IELTS preparation journey?

I speak English more fluently and taking the IELTS test is no longer too scary for me.

I have never joined any IELTS course before so I didn’t know about the exam, through the course I knew about the structure and my speaking skill and writing also enhance.

It’s absolutely helpful, helped me approach the actual IELTS forms, everything was no longer vague as before.

It’s helped me get detailed information about the test, which I’d been unclear before. Also, I can practice certain strategies for each part as well as skills. The most helpful thing is that thanks to the course, I can use English every day and improve my English communicative reaction very much.

It helps me have effective learning methods, know details, and tips to prepare for real IELTS tests in the future.

review lớp ielts 101
Review lớp IELTS101 sau 3 tháng

And about course materials, teaching methods, learning activities?

Daily exercises are very helpful to me.

All of them are excellent! They help me a lot when studying. I love check-in part cause I can use and learn English and IELTS every day.

I think teaching methods and course materials are the most helpful and effective for me.

I think it’s perfect, I just can’t imagine there is a better version of the course, at least, it’s 100% suitable for my level.

What skills do you feel have been improved?

As I shared above, all my skills have been improved in different levels, I will share more details in the next questions.

Reading skill, I can control time and know how to find key information.

As I mentioned, it’s speaking skills but also my reading skills, I’m now no longer scare it as a nightmare as it was.

Speaking: I’m just more confident to express my opinion and know how to answer short questions.
Writing: know many useful structures to write Writing tas 1 and task 2, arrange sentences suitably.
Reading: know tips and method to read quickly and find true answers.
Listening: I’m accustomed to listen and can catch some key words and determine structure of the speach.

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