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Tiếng Anh giao tiếp nhà hàng – Các tình huống giao tiếp

Cùng Efis English tìm hiểu về các mẫu câu tiếng Anh giao tiếp nhà hàng trong các tình huống giao tiếp khác nhau như chọn nhà hàng, gọi thức ăn, thanh toán, … 

Chọn nhà hàng

Nói tiếng tiếng Anh giao tiếp nhà hàng thì việc đầu tiên đó chính là làm thế nào để chọn một nhà hàng tốt. Cùng tham khảo ví dụ dưới đây nhé!

A: Devi, do you have any preference for where you would like to go for dinner for your birthday?

B: I don’t really know where I want to go. I am having trouble thinking of a particular restaurant.

A: There is a great restaurant directory here in the weekend section of the newspaper.

B: OK, we could look at that.

A: Do you have a particular type of food that you would like?

B: I really like Japanese or Thai food.

A: That Japanese restaurant, Shogun, got good reviews.

B: Oh yeah! I saw a review of that restaurant on television. The reviewer loved it!

A: Would that be a place that you might like to go to for your birthday?

B: That would work out great! Why don’t we call and get a reservation?

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Đặt bàn ở nhà hàng

Sau khi đã chọn xong nhà hàng thì bước tiếp theo là bạn sẽ gọi điện và đặt bàn ở nhà hàng.

A: Shogun Restaurant of Pasadena.

B: Hi, could you help me? I need to make a dinner reservation.

A: I can help you if you can just tell me what evening you like the reservation for.

B: Tuesday night is when we need the reservation for.

A: What time do you think that you would like to have dinner?

B: 7:00 would be best, or maybe 7:30.

A: How many diners will be in your group?

B: We need a reservation for four.

A: I have a table for four available at 7:00, if you would just give me your name.

B: My last name is Foster. Thank you for the reservation.

A: Mr. Foster, we will be expecting you this Tuesday at 7:00.

B: We will be there! Thanks for the help!

Đến nhà hàng – Tiếng Anh giao tiếp nhà hàng

A: Good evening, sir, and welcome to Chez Attitude.

B: We have a dinner reservation for four at 7:00 under the name of Foster.

A: Yes, Mr. Foster, if you would please be seated over in the waiting area, our hostess will be with you in a moment.

B: Thank you. Would it be OK if we have a cocktail while we are waiting?

A: Of course, I will tell her.

B: I would really prefer an outside table. Would that be possible?

A: Sure, if you would like one of those tables, I could seat you right away.

B: Sure, that would be great! Thank you!

A: Here are your menus and the wine menu, and would you like to order your drinks now?

B: Yes, I would like a vodka gimlet, please.

A: Sure, no problem, sir.

B: Thank you very much.

Gọi món và đồ uống

A: Good evening, can I get you a drink?

B: Sure, I would like a Coke.

A: Would you like to order anything off the appetizer menu?

B: Let’s see, can I get some fried zucchini, please?

A: Would you like to order anything else?

B: No, that’s it, thank you.

A: No problem, call me when you’re ready to place the rest of your order.

B: I would like to order my food now.

A: What did you want to order?

B: Can I get a cheeseburger and some fries?

A: Can I get you anything else?

B: That’s all, thank you.

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Gọi món khai vị

A: Did your meal meet with your approval?

B: Our meal was absolutely perfect!

A: How about a dessert to top off that wonderful meal?

B: Dessert sounds perfect, but I would like to split something with my friends.

A: On this evening’s dessert list, we have chocolate mousse cake, and a spicy rum apple crisp.

B: I think that the apple crisp would be wonderful.

A: One dessert will serve two, so would you like to split a second one?

B: We would also like a piece of chocolate mousse cake. Could you bring us four dessert forks, please?

A: How about some coffee and tea with your dessert?

B: We are all tea drinkers. Please bring us four teas.

A: I will prepare your desserts and have someone bring you your drinks right away.

B: The hot drinks first would be great. Thanks!

Nhận xét về đồ ăn

A: What a wonderful dinner!

B: Thank you. I am glad that you are enjoying it.

A: Where did you get your fantastic recipes?

B: I grew up cooking. My mother shared her recipes with me.

A: I especially like the wonderful chicken dish.

B: That is a special coconut ginger chicken with rice dish.

A: Is that shrimp in the soup?

B: Yes, do you like it? I added a little extra lemon grass and some sea vegetables.

A: I am happy that the wine I brought for you works well with this meal.

B: Yes, thank you for bringing the wine. It really complements the meal.

Thanh toán và Tips – Tiếng Anh giao tiếp nhà hàng

A: Do you want some dessert?

B: No thanks. We just need our check. Have you seen the waitress?

A: Here comes our waitress with our check.

B: The service here has been really great, don’t you think?

A: Yes, the service was quite good.

B: So, let’s look at the check. The total is $36.00.

A: How much do you think we should leave for a tip?

B: Usually people leave 15 percent, but this was exceptional service. I am thinking that maybe 20 percent would be appropriate.

A: I agree that 20 percent would be just about right.

B: OK, so that will bring her tip to $7.20. Add it to the $36.00 and the total is $43.20.

A: Yes, what a nice dinner that was!

B: We’ll have to make sure to come back here again real soon.

That’s it !!! Trên đây là các tình huống mà bạn có thể áp dụng trong tiếng anh giao tiếp nhà hàng. Để lại bình luận phía bên dưới nếu bạn thấy bài viết hữu ích nhé!


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