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Bài hội thoại tiếng anh trong cuộc sống hằng ngày

Cùng Efis English tham khảo một số bài hội thoại tiếng Anh mà bạn hay gặp phải trong cuộc sống hằng ngày và học thêm một số mẫu câu và từ vựng nhé!

Khi máy tính bị hỏng

Bài hội thoại tiếng Anh

A: I’m having problems with my computer.

B: What’s wrong with it?

A: For some reason it won’t turn on.

B: Have you checked the connections on your computer?

A: What connections?

B: There are cords that connect your computer to a power outlet.

A: Will the cords keep it from turning on?

B: It won’t turn on if the cords aren’t connected.

A: I didn’t think of that.

B: Try it and see if it works.

A: I think that I will, thanks.

B: It should work, but let me know if it doesn’t.

bài hội thoại tiếng anh - máy tính

Bài hội thoại tiếng anh khi đặt hẹn với thợ cắt tóc

A: How are you doing today?

B: Great. What can I help you with?

A: I need to make an appointment for a haircut.

B: Okay. What day would you like to come in?

A: How’s Saturday?

B: Let me just check the books.

A: Okay.

B: Yes. We have openings only that morning.

A: Can I make it for 10:30?

B: That’ll be fine.

A: Sounds great, thank you.

B: No problem. See you Saturday morning.

Làm cơm tối

A: So, what’s on the menu for dinner tonight?

B: You tell me.

A: You’re not going to make anything to eat?

B: You never cook. I always do.

A: I think you’re a better cook than I am.

B: Oh please, you need to cook tonight.

A: So you’re telling me that you want me to make dinner?

B: It was a hard day. Can you just do this for me tonight?

A: I’ll cook dinner, don’t worry.

B: I’m going to go rest for a little bit.

A: I’ll come wake you when it’s ready, okay?

B: Thanks.

Giặt đồ

A: Have you washed any clothes yet?

B: No, I’ve only washed my whites.

A: When you wash your dark clothes, can you put some of mine in?

B: Sure. Is there any extra care that I should take with your clothes?

A: Just make sure you keep it on the gentle cycle.

B: How many clothes of yours do you want me to wash?

A: There isn’t a lot, why, do you have a large load to wash?

B: It’s really only a small load.

A: Do you mind washing my clothes?

B: Not at all. It’s no problem.

A: Thank you so much.

B: It’s no trouble at all.

bài hội thoại tiếng anh - giặt đồ

Nói chuyện với người lái xe buýt

A: How much for the bus ride?

B: It’s $1.25 for this bus.

A: How long have you been a bus driver?

B: I started driving the bus a few months ago.

A: Is it fun driving the bus?

B: Not at all.

A: I don’t think I ever wanted to be a bus driver.

B: I never did either, but it pays the bills.

A: I enjoyed talking to you.

B: I liked talking to you too.

Bài hội thoại tiếng anh khi mua Burrito

A: I really want a burrito! Can you get me one?

B: I haven’t got any money to purchase a burrito for you and me.

A: Would you please buy me one since I haven’t eaten today?

B: I only have a few dollars.

A: I could eat a horse right now, I’m so hungry.

B: I want to eat too. Ask someone else to feed you.

A: Since I get my check this Friday, I can give you your money back then.

B: So then, this Friday you’ll be able to eat.

A: You’re mean to say that.

B: You should just go home and make yourself a sandwich or something.

A: My house is too far, and I’m really hungry.

B: It sounds as if you’re going to continue starving.

bài hội thoại tiếng anh - burrito

Khi đến giờ đi ngủ

A: It’s time for bed.

B: I’m not ready to go to sleep. I’m not tired.

A: It’s quite late, and you have an early day tomorrow.

B: I’m not going to be able to fall asleep.

A: Why don’t you try counting sheep?

B: I’ve tried that before. It really doesn’t work.

A: That’s beside the point, you still need to go to bed.

B: Why can’t I just stay up until I fall asleep?

A: If I let you do that, then you’re just going to be up all night.

B: I promise I’ll go to sleep soon.

A: No, you’re going to sleep now, so good night.

B: See you in the morning.

Trên đây là một số bài hội thoại tiếng Anh trong một số tình huống giao tiếp hằng ngày. Nếu bài viết có ích thì hãy để lại bình luận phía bên dưới nhé !


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