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Hội thoại tiếng anh theo chủ đề – daily english conversation

Các đoạn hội thoại tiếng Anh theo chủ đề giao tiếp hàng ngày được đưa ra trong bài viết này là các chủ đề quen thuộc trong cuộc sống.Bạn sẽ tìm thấy một số đoạn hội thoại tiếng Anh dành cho người mới bắt đầu, nó sẽ giúp bạn giao tiếp trôi chảy bằng ngoại ngữ này.

Tiếng Anh khi chào hỏi

Bạn phải lưu ý các hội thoại tiếng anh theo chủ đề chào hỏi được sử dụng trong cuộc sống hàng ngày sao cho lịch sự. Đây là một đoạn hội thoại  tiếng Anh để bạn thực hành. Bạn phải biết về các từ tiếng Anh hiện đại được sử dụng trong cuộc trò chuyện để sử dụng một cách phù hợp nhất.

hội thoại tiếng anh theo chủ đề - chào hỏi

Chào hỏi lịch sự

Jane: Good morning, Doctor Rudra, how are you doing?

Doctor Rudra: Good morning, Jane. I am doing well. And you?

Jane: I’m great, thank you. This is my friend Leila. She is thinking about joining the hospital but she has a few questions about the administration there. Would you mind telling her about the administration, please?

Doctor Rudra: Hello, Leila! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m more than happy to speak with you. Please stop by my chamber tomorrow.

Leila: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Doctor. Thank you so much for helping us.

Doctor Rudra: Don’t mention it. Hopefully, I will be able to help you out in this matter.

Chào hỏi thân mật

Rann: “Hey Harry, how have you been? Long time no see!”

Harry: “Hey! What a surprise! Yes, you are right, we haven’t seen each other in a long time. How have you been?”

Rann: “There is an important campaign next week which is keeping me busy otherwise rest is going good in my life. How about you?”

Harry: “Oh! I just finished a meeting with a very important client of mine and now I finally have some free time. I feel relieved that I’m done with it.”

Rann: “Good for you then. Hey! Let’s make a plan and catch up with each other after next week. What do you say?”

Harry” “Sure, why not? Give me a call when you are done with your project.”

Rann: Sure, then. Bye, take care.

Harry: Bye buddy.

Hội thoại tiếng anh theo chủ đề khi giới thiệu

Giới thiệu lịch sự

Aylin: Good morning Mr. David, I’d like you to meet Dr. Sen.

Mr. David: Good morning. It’s nice to meet you, Dr. Sen

Dr. Sen: Pleasure to meet you, too.

Aylin: Dr. Sen is from the UK. She just finished writing a book on cancer prevention.

Mr. David: I also belong to that field. I work for the United Nations.

Dr. Sen: If I am not wrong, are you from the development program team?

Mr. David: Yes you are right but how did you know?

Dr. Sen: I’ve read some of your previous articles. They’re very good.

hội thoại tiếng anh theo chủ đề - giới thiệu

Giới thiệu thân mật

Sourav: Who’s that woman in a red dress next to Reema?

Raunak: That’s her friend Surabhi. Didn’t you meet her at the picnic last month?

Sourav: No, I couldn’t make it to the picnic, my mother was not well at that time.

Raunak: Oh! Yes, I forgot that. Then let me introduce you to her now. Surabhi, this is my friend Sourav.

Surabhi: Hi, Sourav. Nice to meet you, hope you are doing fine.

Sourav: Yes, hope you are well too. Would you like to have some coffee?

Surabhi: Sure, let’s go get and have two cups of espresso.

Telephonic Dialogues for Everyday Conversations in English

Rancho: Hi, Aditi, it’s Rancho. How are you? What are your plans for today?

Aditi: Oh, hi, Rancho! I was just thinking about giving you a call. Well, I am free today, what about you?

Rancho: That’s nice. I was wondering if you’d like to go to a dinner party tonight

Aditi: Sure, I’d love to! Where is the party?

Rancho: It’s in the Park Hotel?

Aditi: Sounds great!

Rancho: Ok I’ll pick you up around 8:30. We will probably reach the hall by 9 p.m.

Aditi: Great! See you then. Bye!

Cuộc hội thoại tiếng anh khi gặp mặt ngẫu nhiên

Srini: Hey!, hello there, Jenny! Long time no see!

Jenny: Srini! Hi! Wow! What a coincidence! It’s been ages that I haven’t seen you! What are you doing here?

Srini: Yes Jenny, you are right. Probably the last time we met was in 2006. Well, I just got a new job in the city, so I’m shopping for some trousers. Hey, what do you think of these trousers?

Jenny: Hmmm … well, you know how much I love black. See? I am even wearing a top of the same colour!

Srini: Yes I already noticed that. You always did have good taste!

hội thoại tiếng anh theo chủ đề

Tiếng Anh khi nói về thời tiết

Jenny: It’s like flooding outside! What happened to the weather report? I thought this depression was supposed to pass.

Kim: Yeah, we all thought so too. That’s what I read online this morning. I missed my office for this too.

Jenny: I guess a thunderstorm is on its way too.

Kim: Can we go inside? I am already half wet!

Hội thoại tiếng anh theo chủ đề khi gọi đồ ăn

Waiter: Hello, good evening. Can I start you off with some refreshing drink?

Rana: Yes. I’ll have iced tea, please.

Amal: And I’ll have a chocolate cold coffee.

Waiter: Ok. Should I take your order now, or do you need a few minutes more?

Rana: No no we are ready, you can take the order. I’ll have the corn mushroom soup to start, and the grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and peas. And, please also bring a bowl of garlic rice.

Waiter: Sure sir. How do you want the chicken— low spicy, medium, or high on spice?

Rana: Medium spice, please.

Amal: And I’ll just have the beef, with bread and a salad.

Tiếng Anh hỏi đường

Magnolia: Excuse me. Could you tell me where the shopping mall is?

Neha: Yes, it’s that way. You go two blocks to Beckham Street, then turn left. It’s in the second building, across from the library.

Magnolia: Thank you so much! I’ve only been in town two days ago, so I really don’t know my way around yet.

Neha: Oh, I totally understand how you feel. I also moved here a year ago for my job, and still, I don’t know where everything is!

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Hội thoại tiếng anh theo chủ đề khi yêu cầu giúp đỡ

Param: Hey! That truck just ran a red light and hit that bus!

Giri: Oh ho! That’s bad. Is anyone hurt?

Param: Nobody knows that yet … I should call 911. … Hello? I’d like to report

An accident near the library on Henry Lane. It looks like a man who was probably the truck driver is hurt. Yes, it just happened 2 minutes back. Thank you. Bye.

Giri: Good that you called. What did they say?

Param: I told them about the location. They assured me that an ambulance will come here very soon.

Giri: Good, they’re here. I hope the driver is ok.

Param: I know. Hope everyone is fine. We should wait until the ambulance arrives.

Giri: Absolutely.

Trên đây là một số ví dụ về hội thoại tiếng anh theo chủ đề, đừng quên để lại bình luận phía bên dưới nếu bài viết hữu ích nhé !


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